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Find Services - Government and Community Services

Government, legal services, consumer services and more

Community and Government Resources

  • Community resource centres provide community access to a wide variety of health and social services to individuals of all ages.
  • There is much to see and do locally, even if your income is limited. Free or low cost recreational and cultural programs for all ages are available at various venues. Check the Spectrum program guide (below) for a variety of courses run by the City ...
  • Fitness centres and health clubs provide activities for all ages aimed at maintaining and improving people‚Äôs physical good health.
  • Federal, provincial, and municipal elected representatives provide their constituents with information about government programs and address concerns about government services and public policy. Municipal government representatives are listed under ...
  • Regulatory bodies and public advocates are appointed by federal, provincial, municipal, and Aboriginal governments to protect and promote the rights of citizens. See also Government Representatives .
  • Federal, provincial, municipal, and Aboriginal service centres administer government functions and oversee the delivery of public services.   See also Government Representatives and Government Services - Appeals and Complaints.
  • Local groups of residents and property owners organize activities to improve their specific communities or respond to social issues. Some associations may have elected leaders or voluntary dues.
  • Birth, death and marriage are registered for public record. Certificates for these events can be replaced by contacting the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario (see below). Application for a driver's licence, social security card, Ontario ...
  • Libraries house a wide variety of information resources. These are made available to the community on a loan basis.
  • Providing transportation to the public for a fee, the system runs on set routes at a scheduled time. Public transportation may offer specialized services for residents with mobility limitations.

Consumer Services

Criminal Justice and Legal Services

  • Community legal clinics provide a variety of services including legal advice, legal representation and public legal education.
  • Listed are facilities and programs for those sentenced to secure detention or probation. Also listed are programs for those paroled after secure detention.
  • Courts and court assistance programs provide mediation services in dispute resolution, designed for people unable to be represented by a lawyer. The court itself deals with small claims, civil filing, criminal charges and family law.
  • Organizations providing crime prevention monitor and respond to hate and discrimination, facilitate the solving of crimes, provide information on how to reduce the risk of being the victim of a crime and help reduce crime overall.
  • A variety of community-based programs to support individuals and groups at high risk of offending as well as to help offenders and their families to reintegrate into the community upon release.
  • Agencies and programs dealing with child custody and access when parents separate.
  • Whether you are seeking advice to prepare a will or need representation in court, a lawyer referral service can help you find a lawyer who can assist you. See also Community Legal Clinics .
  • Legal Aid is available to people on low income to assist with legal problems, including disability support and family benefits payments. See also Community Legal Clinics .
  • The police provide crime prevention, detection, apprehension and traffic safety services.
  • Government, police and non-profit organizations provide victims of crime or tragic circumstances with intervention, compensation, referral and other support services. The organizations listed here may also provide consultation, training, public ...
  • Programs for young offenders include residential treatment, detention and custody facilities, physiological assessments, as well as services to help them re-integrate back into the community such as adult education, assertiveness training, anger ...

Helping Out: Donating and Volunteering

  • A donation of material items such as food, used clothing and household items are distributed or sold at minimal cost to needy individuals and families by many of the services listed on the Information London site.
  • Programs and services offering volunteer placement referrals.