Job Search Tips and Services in London and Middlesex

Searching for a job is never easy. Whether you are looking for a new full-time or part-time job, returning to work, or searching for new opportunities, there are many resources available in London, Ontario.

Many low-cost or free programs, services, and resources can help you every step of the way, from writing a resumé to applying for Ontario Works.

Tips for finding a job in London and Middlesex

1. Create a résumé and cover letter
Your first step is to compile an effective resumé that highlights your skills and experience. Many Employment Assistance services offer resumé coaching, classes, and access to computers.

2. Learn about the job market
You may be switching industries, or maybe you are a recent graduate looking for information on the job market. Learn more about the types of jobs to which you are applying. The Job Bank (Government of Canada) offers the latest information on job trends and news.

3. Upgrade your skills
You may need to upgrade your skills to find that specific job you want, or maybe your certifications are out of date.
Adult Literacy and Basic Skills training can help people acquire or improve their skills. Academic Upgrading helps prepare adult learners for employment.

4. Find new education and training
You may be thinking about going back to school, or maybe you would like to add to your professional development. Find a Continuing Education centre or a Private Career College near you.

5. Apply for financial assistance
Employment Insurance offers financial assistance to those who have lost their jobs. You may be eligible if you have lost employment through no fault of your own.

6. Find a community placement
Some organizations offer on-the-job training and support with Vocational and Skills Training.

7. Volunteer
If you are looking for more experience or a career mentor, consider volunteering before applying to a job. Volunteer Referral Networks will find the perfect opportunity for you.

8. Start your own business
Maybe you have been thinking about going into business and working for yourself and now seems like the perfect opportunity. Many agencies and programs provide assistance for those looking to start their own Small Business

9. Network, network, network!
Finding a job is all about knowing the right people and making connections. Whether it's through a networking event, volunteering at a community organization, or searching career listings, find the right people to help you find your perfect job.

10. Find helpful resources
There are many helpful tips, services, and online resources available to help you in your search. Find more information about Employment Assistance for Newcomers, People with Disabilities, Youth, Indigenous Peoples, and Seniors.